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Bronze & Silver Ribbon Painted Jacket

This pleasure jacket is hand painted by Molly Rudd.  It is an exquisite piece of artwork.  This jacket has over 2,000 Swarovski's on it...and huge 25mm square rhinstones sewn on as well.  This jacket is a one of a kind...and features a hidden zipper on the front of it.  The design is also mimicked on the back of the jacket at well.  


This jacket would be suitable for many of the riding classes...and would be a great ALL DAY jacket. The base of the jacket is black super stretch material.  The princess seams will give you a great fit, and the cut  is FLATTERING to everyone.   The garment was tailored with much care, and alll seams on this jacket are sewn and serged.


This jacket also comes with a garment bag to protect your investment.  The garment is hand washable.  The paint is heat set...so it will NOT wash off. 


This jacket will be custom made to you measurements- in the color combinations the buyer selects.


 2009_Jacket/black_bronze_frtside.jpg 2009_Jacket/black_bronze_back.jpg


Item #Custom Made

Price: $1795.00  Sale price $1495.00

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