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Horsemanship Shirt Measurement Chart

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Custom orders on jackets take a minimum of two to three weeks to make.  Please inquire to find out exact timing on any piece before you order.
Our horsemanship shirts, most often zip up the back, and have a body suit added to them.  If you would like the shirt to have a body suit  added, please note below.   It is an additional $15 ontop of the price of the shirt.  Our body suits are a light weight mesh lining material that will not "ride up."  The crotch of the shirts will have velcro closures that hook in the front of the shirt.  If you have any questions while measuring, please call or email us.  

Horsemanship Shirt Measurements 

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Bust (1):
Waist (2):
Hips (3):
Length of Back-sit down- (4):
Shoulders (5):
Arm (6):
Back of neck to tail bone (7):

Measure from Waist in front to waist in back (8):
(crotch area...basically where your panties sit)
Only enter if you are adding on $15 horsemanship panel 
Circumference of Neck (9):

Circumference of Bicept (10):

Circumference of Wrist (11):


If you have any questions regarding your measurements, please contact us!

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