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Sketch Portfolio



Please contact us with any questions!

Below are sketches from our portfolio. Click an image or link to see more information.  Please keep in mind that we can change any color, or design element with a touch of a button to customize any look.  We can also create a new sketch from an idea you may have.  Please contact us with any questions about our designs.
We are now offering
with each order....we will create the jacket
of your dreams...in vivid color with all the right details!

sketches/JJ89x2.jpg sketches/Black_hms_bronze.jpg sketches/XC.jpg sketches/SS13.jpg
sketches/D_74.jpg sketches/CS_hms_gold_collar.jpg sketches/D_56.jpg sketches/JS_LC_2.jpg
sketches/PX.jpg sketches/JS_LC_4.jpg sketches/JS_LC3.jpg sketches/JS_15.jpg
sketches/HN15.jpg sketches/JS_14.jpg sketches/JS_12.jpg sketches/JS_1.jpg
sketches/Q12.jpg sketches/L13.jpg sketches/perwinkle_hms_3.jpg sketches/perwinkle_hms_2.jpg
sketches/P12.jpg sketches/golden_sms.jpg sketches/SMS_X.jpg sketches/M11.jpg
sketches/L11.jpg sketches/SMS_Y3.jpg sketches/SMS_W2a.jpg sketches/SMS_W2.jpg
sketches/O11.jpg sketches/VV2.jpg sketches/K11D.jpg sketches/K11B.jpg
sketches/K11C.jpg sketches/K11.jpg sketches/J11.jpg sketches/I11.jpg
sketches/H11.jpg sketches/F12.jpg sketches/D11.jpg sketches/C12C.jpg
sketches/C12B.jpg sketches/E11.jpg sketches/C12.jpg

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